Automatic Header Delivery and Placement Systems

Header lift tables 2 (2)Header transfer at Skutskar 1

The production capacity of many facilities requires that head (end cap) placement is accomplished fully automatically.  INDUTEC designs for automated header delivery range from header magazines sufficient for winder set placement, to fully automatic precision header cutting and delivery systems for multiple header diameters, including robotic delivery systems where required.

Available Header Placement Configurations

  • Dual Header Magazines for automatically placement of pre-cut headers for each winder set (10-12 headers per unit capacity), for lower capacity  systems
  • Overhead Automatic Delivery System for Placement of pre-cut headers from pallets for high capacity requirements
  • On-line precision Cut-to-Diameter Header Cutting and Fully Automatic Delivery and Placement to Roll Ends; for applications where roll end and edge protection is essential, and production capacity is high.
  • Fully robotic header selection, retrieval and delivery systems

CONTACT INDUTEC:  indutecusa@bellsouth.netHeader Lift Tables 2 at Skutskar

Header Stacks on Lift Tables
Header retrieval stacks with lifting tables

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