MiniWrapper Kraft Wrapping Technology

The Radial Kraft Wrapping MiniWrapper Unit automatically packages any width or diameter of paper, pulp, paperboard or other material in roll form with controlled spiral application of Kraft paper. The operator selects the optimum Kraft wrapper front viewamount of tension for applying the specific basis weight and strength characteristics of the Kraft wrap used in the packaging process, as well as the number of layers and overlapping of layers required to achieve the required packaging protection.  The Kraft wrap is adhered to the roll with four beads of hot melt at the initiation of the wrapping process, and the applicator roller presses the Kraft wrap with adhesive against the roll body to be wrapped, as the roll is rotated at reduced speed.  The rotational speed of the support drive rolls is then increased, and the single width of Kraft wrap is spirally wound around the length of the roll body, end-to-end as the unit traverses the width of the roll, with the layers being bonded together automatically by continuous application of hot melt beads onto the Kraft wrap.  The resulting package smoothly and tightly conforms to the circumference of the roll.

The Radial Kraft Wrapping MiniWrapper Unit eliminates many of the disadvantages of conventional Kraft wrapping. The wrapping unit itself is of compact size,Spiral kraft, overhead holders and can be installed in applications with very limited space availability.  Since one size of Kraft wrap is used for all roll sizes to be packaged, there are no back stands required for different widths of Kraft wrap.  The modular design and minimized number of moving parts ensure that maintenance requirements are low.  The unit offers production facilities a significant amount of flexibility, small operating footprint, low manpower requirements, and a significant capital advantage over conventional Kraft wrapping equipment.

In some cases, a dual-applicator unit initially wraps the roll with one or more layers of polyethylene film, in order to provide moisture and water protection.  Subsequently, several layers of plain Kraft paper are applied spirally over the film layers.  The final package conforms perfectly to the roll circumference, and film is used to hold the headers tightly against the roll ends.  This approach eliminates the need for heated header presses and the energy required to operate them.  The Kraft-over-film package configuration also ensures that the materials are fully recyclable, as no laminated substrates are used.

When Kraft-only packaging is required, crimping units and heated header presses can be added to the system to produce a conventional Kraft wrap package, but at a fraction of the capital costs and floor space requirements.


Kraft wrap with logo  Kraft Film Wrapper 1 rear view

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