MiniWrapper Film Wrapping Technology (Radial and Axial Application Systems)

The ultimate moisture protection: radial film wrapping with waterproof coated headers
The ultimate moisture protection: radial film wrapping with waterproof coated headers

INDUTEC offers a diverse range of film packaging systems for every application, from high capacity, fully automatic pulp and paper mill wrapping lines to overhead systems for smaller production capacities and converting plants.  The company specializes in customizing its product line to meet the needs of each individual client, based upon proven modular equipment designs.

A key element of our technology is the elimination of adhesives in the film wrapping process.  No hot melts, other glues or tapes of any kind are necessary to the packaging process, due to the company’s thorough research and development efforts that are unparalleled in the field Mahrt System 2of industrial packaging.  Polyethylene wrapping material is attached to the roll being wrapped via electrostatic charging of the film itself, and the package is sealed with rotary heat sealing elements, ensuring that maintenance issues associated with hot melts and tapes never enter the roll packaging equation.


INDUTEC produces radial wrapping systems that spirally apply films to the roll circumference, locking paperboard headers (end caps) onto the roll ends by tensioning the film precisely over the roll edge and end.  The spiral application of film around the roll circumference ensures a total bonding of the film layers together, high friction coefficient external surface for clamp handling, superior mechanical protection, and optimized packaging strength. Skutskar clamp handling (3) The radially applied roll wrapping film can easily hold multiple rolls together in a single package, allowing clamping of the top section of the multi-pack without risk that the bottom rolls in the multi-pack will break through the package and fall out of the film package.  The radially wrapped roll with headers also provides a highly attractive package appearance, as the film conforms perfectly to the cylindrical shape of the roll.

FILM FOLDING for Maximized Roll Edge Protection

Reinforced roll edge film thickness for radially wrapped rolls provides maximum mechanical protection against potential scuffing and tearing of the corners of  wrapped rolls against floors and container surfaces when the roll is handled by clamp trucks.  A proprietary method of tri-folding the wrapping film to create an extremely strong edge guard ensures optimized protection to any rolled product, without the necessity of adding an additional heavy-gauge film dispenser to the wrapping unit for edge reinforcement, nor the requirement for the use of corrugated board “sunburst headers” or other types of additional edge guarding.   The addition of the specialty tri-folding equipment permits any gauge of roll wrapping film to be folded and applied precisely to the roll edge during the wrapping cycle, and the mechanism is a cost-effective and practical addition to the standard radial wrapping machine, and does not increase the footprint of the radial wrapping unit.


Axial wrapping and combination axial and radial wrapping units are available for encapsulating rolled products entirely in film via an initial horizontal (axial) application of film.  In cases where the roll is to be handled with clamps, the axially applied wrap is covered by a radially applied outer packaging layer to ensure optimized clamp handling, mechanical protection, and eliminating potential roll-to-roll adhesion in shipping containers.  Axial-only systems are provided for applications where longitudinal wrapping is standard practice, as is the case with tissue paper and some rolled pulps.  These rolls are often not handled with clamps, but with shaft-type lifting units which are inserted into the core to lift the rolls for loading and transport internally.

Whether your facility needs to package more than one hundred large rolls per hour, or only a handful of rolls per day, INDUTEC provides cost-effective, space-saving equipment to fit your application.  Your company will receive expert packaging and handling recommendations, individualized attention, and innovative solutions to specific packaging challenges.

Contact us to solve your packaging issues as cost-effectively as possible.


Munksjo Billingsfors WrapperMiniWrapper Standard Retrofit UnitZiegler WrapperFilm Wrapper and Roll

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