Overhead Wrapping Systems

For lower capacity applications, specialty products, converting plants and other situations which do not require fully automated function, the INDUTEC Overhead Wrapping System provides a cost-effective, semi-automatic option to the standard low profile MiniWrapper unit.  The Overhead unit is delivered as a “plug and play,” fully functional-upon-delivery single module that can be installed on the floor or in a floor pit  and started up without significant commissioning time. 

Normally, the Overhead unit wraps the roll spirally and automatically after the leading edge of the film wrap is attached with tape to the roll body by the operator.  The film tail can also be sealed with tape, or with an optional rotary heat sealing unit.

The Overhead Wrapping System is available with an integrated drive roll table and header holder mechanisms, as well as a label dispenser for aligning and inserting the label under the final layer of film wrap applied to the roll by the machine.  Alternatively, the unit can in many cases be retrofitted to an existing drive roll table unit.IMAG0928

The control system and operator panel for the Overhead unit are mounted on the support frame for the wrap dispenser, and the complete unit is fully wired internally and shop-tested for required performance prior to delivery.  After plug-in connection to local electrical outlet and connection of the pneumatic intake to the plant air supply, the system is ready to operate immediately.

Overhead UnitThe Overhead Unit is delivered in a single module, ready for start-up at delivery.

CONTACT INDUTEC:  indutecusa@bellsouth.net

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