Header Cutting Systems

INDUTEC Header Cutting Machines are developed for precision production of headers (end caps) to the exact diameter of each roll to be wrapped, in order to optimize roll end and edge protection.  header cutter 2Normally used in conjunction with MiniWrapper roll packaging systems, these machines are available in a full range of configurations, from manually fed units to fully automatic retrieval, cutting and placement systems for high capacity production requirements.  Often, corrugated board header stock is used for production of headers on these machines because the corrugated material minimizes potential Header Cutterdamage from debris and rock protrusion into the roll ends when the rolls are stacked up-ended on container or rail car floors.  The headers may also be coated for providing water and moisture protection. 

Available designs:

  • Table type units, manually loaded and unloaded, for semi-automatic function.  Cutting diameter may be manually set or via laser diameter gauge which measures the diameter of each roll for which headers are to be cut.
  • Fully automatic header cutting systems with retrieval stations; fully automated delivery to the roll ends of each roll to be wrapped.
  • Pallet type cutting machine for producing full pallets of precision knife-cut discs from stacks of square sheets at high speed.

Pallet Cutting Units

The Pallet Cutting System for headers eliminates the need for die-cutting equipment R-2000 System Operatingand the requirement for purchasing a cutting die for each header diameter to be produced.  Each Pallet Cutting Unit will process a range of diameters of headers by simply re-setting the cutting diameter through the control system.  This system is specifically designed for facilities producing headers or discs for large-scale distribution.

CONTACT INDUTEC:  indutecusa@bellsouth.net

Automatic Header TransferHeader Stacks on Lift Tables

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