Core Cutting and Handling Systems

New core cutterCore Cutter Portugal Core Cutter Manual Version  Core Cutter Auto NewsprintINDUTEC Core Cutting and Handling Systems are built with the objectives to provide maximum operator safety, eliminate dust, and minimize noise levels while minimizing system size, complexity and capital cost.

  • Minimized footprint, only slightly longer than the maximum parent core length
  • “Plug-in and play,” fully functional at delivery for quick, easy installation
  • Easy access for servicing, eliminating downtime
  • Totally enclosed design
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Virtually silent operation, protecting personnel hearing and providing environmentally friendly workplace
  • Dust-free operation, for a clean working environment
  • Automatic, simple three-step operation: 1)place parent core on support rolls; 2) enter cut lengths on keypad; 3) press START.  Cutting process requires no further supervision from operator.
  • Servo-drive positioning for precision cut lengths
  • Superb cutting accuracy at a tolerance of +/-0.5mm across entire set length
  • The basic cutting module is expandable, and easily upgraded to semi-automatic or fully automatic function.
  • Optional equipment, including parent core magazines, core collection systems and automatic winder feeding units are integrated with the basic module as necessary.
  • Dual cutting technology eliminates burring of the cutting service and minimizes dust levels.


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